July 25, 2010

Website update.

Special Thanks to RKSL-Rock

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   Our goal was to make the RACS not suck so bad. In order to do this we enlisted the help of a few people namely Vilas, the FFAA Mod, the Malvinas MOD, Ebud, Rellikki, Shadow NX, Obmar and CapMorgan . With their models and textures, along with our own retexturing work and modification, they strive to become the "must have" equipment for the RACS. 

With the release of Arma2 and no Operation arrowhead the RACS will return in a new way. Now part of the coalition forces fighting to protect the peace of the green sea region, the RACS have begun a full gamut of modernizing, updating and coming intot he 21st century as a modern fighting force. Fueled by the oil riches of the Islands, the RACS will become the next great Mini superpower!

Welcom to the new Project RACS

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